Aloha Construction Expands To Offer New Services

// Published January 9, 2018 by User1

Aloha Construction is going to sponsor Illinois State University Athletics. Aloha Construction is a company based in Illinois that provides high quality roofing and construction services to the local communities. They also are sponsoring various other sports opportunities for local students.

Dave Farbaky is the CEO of Aloha Construction. According to him, simply having a successful company was never his ultimate goal. Instead, he wanted to be able to give back to the community. He particularly wanted to be able to provide new opportunities to the local youth and children. That is why he sponsors various sports opportunities. It is also why he takes the Boy’s and Girl’s Club to hockey games and sponsors shopping sprees. Dave Farbaky said that he was ecstatic to be on board. He said that sponsoring sports teams can change the lives of students by giving them the opportunity to shine and more

In related news, Aloha Construction has just launched a new branch, Aloha Restoration. Aloha Restoration will provide various interior home services. They will be able to repair fire damage, water damage, leaks, and so on. They will be able to clean your carpets as well. Aloha Restoration will be operated in the same spirit of Aloha Construction. They will focus on providing their customers with the highest quality services.

Dave Farbaky said that although he is proud of Aloha Construction and the expert services it provides, he wanted to offer a one stop shop for the residents of his community. With Aloha Restoration, he is doing just that. Whether it is flood damage or storm damage, Aloha Restoration will be able to fix it all for you.

He said that his company places an emphasis on training. He wants to make sure his employees are fully trained and ready for their jobs. He also focuses on constantly improving his service. He says that it is important to remember the little things, like high quality customer service and craftsmanship. Aloha Restoration provides emergency services to those who need emergency help.

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