Tony Petrello Is Not Only A World-Respected Businessman, But Also A Philanthropist

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In 2017, Hurricane Harvey left a trail of damages behind in Houston, Texas. Relief workers and other volunteers had to step in to help everyone affected by the hurricane. Among those affected were approximately 10% of Nabors Industries’ employees. Nabors Industries employs about 1,200 workers. The firm’s employees and top management came together to offer hands-on help to all those affected. The company’s CEO, Tony Petrello, matched his employees’ contribution of $173,622 towards what the company named the Nabors Disaster Relief Fund towards relief efforts within the state. Additionally, Nabors Industries gave its workers paid leave to go assist those affected across the state. The workers provided relief services along the Gulf Coast. The company also provided affected families with three hot meals a day using its on-site kitchen.

Tony Petrello in Philanthropy

Tony Petrello is known for his philanthropic efforts. He has in the past given towards various causes. One of these causes covers childhood neurological disorders. Tony Petrello has donated towards various organization doing research on such disorders, seeking to contribute towards improved treatment options for such conditions. The most notable of these is his donation towards the Texas Children’s Hospital where he has donated a sum of $7 million, together with his wife. Using this donation, the hospital has put up the Jan and Dan Duncan Neurological Research Institute where research on new treatments are conducted, developed, and tested. Tony Petrello has also given towards the late Professor Serge Lang’s memorial fund. Professor Serge Lang was one of his mentors, and also worked with him while Tony Petrello was pursuing his studies at Yale University. He has also given towards many other charity causes and he is focused on giving even more in future.

Tony Petrello in Business

In addition to being a philanthropist, Tony Petrello is a world-acclaimed businessman and leader. He recently led Nabors Industries expansion plan which resulted in the company acquiring Tesco. Over the years Tony Petrello has been at the helm of the firm, Nabors Industries has grown in leaps and bounds. Not only has the company increased its revenues, but it has also increased its workforce. Tony Petrello joined Nabors Industries in 1991 from Baker & McKenzie, a law firm where he practiced general corporate law, international arbitration, and taxation. Since then, he has served in different capacities within the company including on the board of directors and executive committee. He has served as president, COO, deputy chairman, and CEO of the company during which his business acumen and exemplary leadership has seen the company maintain its growth through the years. Tony Petrello also serves on the boards of several companies and organizations such as Hilcorp Energy Company, Stewart &Stevenson LLC, and the Texas Children’s Hospital. He pursued his education at Harvard University and Yale University.

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