What’s The Future For OSI Group In The Foodservice Industry

// Published January 20, 2018 by User1

The future of the foodservice industry looks mighty bright since everyone has to actually eat in order to survive. This industry won’t just fall off the map, and it will probably last the test of time. There are hundreds of companies that work within special jurisdiction. Restaurants, grocery stores, schools, supermarkets and other retailors are the bloodline of the industry. Without these organizations, the foodservice industry would certainly suffer a huge profit-loss. On the other hand, OSI Group is ranked as one of the top foodservice providers in the world. This company is more than a food provider, it’s a corporate food supplier. So, what’s the difference?

OSI Group does more than distribute food products around the world. This extravagant company handles multiple aspects of the business such as development, processing and management. There are a only a few other companies that can truly match what this company is doing, but those companies will often come-up short. Can you believe that this mega-giant of a company was once a small meat market? That’s right! Oak Park, Illinois, was its location back in the day and producing fresh beef was its game plan. This game plan was so good to where some of the major businesses began to jump aboard. McDonald’s was one of the first big brands to sign contracts with OSI, which was Otto & Sons at the time. Even after the cryogenics movement of freezing the meats, this company continued to thrive. As of toady, some of the biggest brands are clients to OSI, which includes:

• Pizza Hut
• Papa John’s Pizza
• Subway
• Yum
• Burger King
• And more

Thanks to its ability to acquire other businesses, the company has been able to strengthen its structure for the long-run. At the expense of $7.4 million, OSI Group acquired Tyson Foods Chicago plant in 2016. On top of that, the company has held on to many job positions. This is the perfect example of give-and-take in a sense. In conclusion, OSI is the actual future of the foodservice industry and that notion can’t be disputed.

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