Felipe Montoro Jens: Consultant for the Brazilian Government

// Published January 22, 2018 by User1

The Brazilian government is eager to build more projects in the year 2018. They have already approved several proposals to build new airports, seaports, and water concession projects. Felipe Montoro Jens is a well-known businessman and entrepreneur, and for so many years, his services are being requested by the government of Brazil. They know how adept he is in matters about infrastructure, and his recommendations are seen to be the best for the country. Felipe Montoro Jens is one of the leading voices when the government talks about their PPI projects, which stands for Program of Partnerships and Investments. It is a widely known system in Brazil wherein private companies would have to help the government in building their projects, and they would be benefiting from the projects by charging their fees for the use of the infrastructure.

For the year 2018, the Brazilian Government approved 57 projects that will be given to private companies. They also spent more than $1.32 billion to finance the projects, and they wish for the private sector to hasten the completion of the projects. Half of these projects will begin construction by the mid-part of 2018, and Felipe Montoro Jens is still working with other government agencies to look for any fault in the projected infrastructures, and if there is anything that they can modify for the benefit of all the parties involved.

Felipe Montoro Jens is instrumental in the creation of different projects across the country. One of the projects that he is currently focusing on would be the water concession system that will run from the coast of Brazil to its remote areas, which would provide clean, drinking water to the population living away from city centers. Felipe Montoro Jens continues to travel around the country to see which place needs the most immediate assistance.

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