2004 San Diego UFO Sighting by Navy Fighter Pilots Makes New York Times Headlines

// Published January 29, 2018 by User1

A recent New York Times article has ufologists, conspiracy theorists, and paranormal phenomena experts up in arms. The article reports a 2004 incident between two A-18F Super Hornet pilots, the operations officer of the U.S.S. Princeton and a UFO off the coast of San Diego, California. The happening itself has received some notoriety due to footage taken by one of the Super Hornets going viral after being released recently by the Department of Defense. The incident itself has also been investigated by the Department of Defense’s controversial Advanced Aerospace Threat Identification Program, which made headlines upon its discovery, alongside the reports of the sighting over San Diego. Though experts warn many sightings have earthly, mundane explanations, this one seems to be different, and more tangible than most.

The incident began on a November evening in 2004. Commander Jim Slaight and Commander David Fravor were on a routine fly over mission one hundred miles off the coast when an operations officer on the U.S.S. Princeton radioed asking if the two were toting any weaponry. Commander Fravor replied that they were only carrying the undeployable training missiles, not expecting hostiles over the Pacific so close to the coast. The operations officer radioed that they had a ‘real world vector’ and asked the two to investigate. The Princeton had been following a slew of unidentified objects over the ocean for weeks leading up to this sighting.

When Fravor and Slaight reached the object’s location the Princeton had noted, nothing appeared visually or on radar. As Fravor looked down over the ocean, however, he saw frothing waves, and a churning sea and about fifty feet above the waves, a white glowing aircraft around forty feet long and oval in shape. Fravor reports that the water below the craft appeared to be boiling. The craft then began to move toward Fravor’s F-18, and in response, Fravor began moving toward the craft. The object then shot straight up and accelerated in a way the Commander says was like nothing he’d ever seen. The UFO reappeared briefly at the cap point of the two jets, before disappearing completely. For the full New York Times report, visit: https://www.nytimes.com/2017/12/16/us/politics/unidentified-flying-object-navy.html.

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