Fabletics stands Head to Head with Amazon

// Published January 29, 2018 by User1

Fabletics is determined to compete with entities like Amazon, whose ecommerce division is responsible for 20% of today’s online clothing sales. While Fabletics focuses solely on selling athletic leisure wear, it does it in a unique set of ways. It promotes the benefits of membership within its core buying groups and it follows their tastes, wants and preferences to determine what to sell next.


Fabletics has grown their business since inception in October, 2013 to $250 million today by using a combination of exclusive designs, brand recognition (a great spokes person), gamification and crowdsourcing, customer experience and last-mile servicing. Their major source of continue growth comes from their never-ending search for what their high-value customer is seeking.


Co-founded by Kate Hudson, Don Ressler and Adam Goldberg, they began their venture after realizing there was a vacuum in the market. No one was offering trendy high quality active wear at an affordable price point. When the co-founders joined forces, Fabletics was born and the market changed drastically.


Fabletics began their onslaught on the marketplace by instituting a customer questionnaire, their Lifestyle Quiz, which determines their projected likes and dislikes in athletic clothing. The questions are below:

  1. A) What’s your favorite way to get fit? Answers-run, yoga, gym, cycle or mix it up
  2. B) What’s your favorite place to work out? Answers-yoga studio, outdoors, gym, home or depends on the day
  3. C) What colors best match your style? Answers-three neutral colors, three bold colors, three pastels or three patterns
  4. D) What best mirrors your body type? Answers-Petite, Lean, curvy, athletic or one of a kind
  5. E) It requests your bottom size preference, your top size preference, your sports bra size preference, your zip code, your birthday and asks where did you hear about us?
  6. F) On the last page of the questionnaire you are offered to pairs of leggings for $24 (a $99 value).


Any serious customer is going to jump at this opportunity. The leggings are well made and look good on a model a similar to the customer’s stated sizing on the questionnaire. This is the beginning of meeting her needs, the customer’s needs. First showing her how good she would look in the clothing and then showing her how she could qualify for a bargain, makes her decide to join and become a VIP member with a $49.95 monthly membership fee that you can cancel by the fifth of the month or use as your fee is applied toward your next purchase. Fabletics knows their customer and makes her shopping easier, by making much of it automatic and their success definite.

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