Presidential Tax Returns are Private, Too

// Published January 31, 2018 by User1

According to CNN, dated December 20, 2017, President Donald Trump will not release his tax returns for public scrutiny. I have one thing to say about this; he does not have to disclose his taxes.

There is no requirement for the President to disclose private tax returns. The idea that has been disseminated throughout America is that the President’s tax returns are the business of the public. That is just not the case.

The Constitution

There is no clause in the United States Constitution that disqualifies the President of the United States from privacy of his personal tax returns. There is no requirement of any American citizen to disclose this information to the public. We know the President must be an American citizen to be elected, therefore, he is not required to show his returns.

Rhetoric and Opinion

The idea that the President is somehow obligated to turn over his tax returns for public scrutiny is indicative of the mentality that people are willing to believe anything they are told if they hear it often enough. It is unfortunate that Americans have essentially lost their ability to critically think and choose to go along with what they are told.

The Tax Plan

CNN reports ( that President Trump will not turn over his tax returns in an article about the new tax plan that has been passed in the House of Representatives, and is now awaiting vote in the Senate. They report that Donald Trump states the tax plan will hurt richer citizens, including himself, by closing loopholes to improve the balance in taxes between higher-earners and those who are in lower tax brackets.

This is Still America

American citizens have a long-standing belief that income taxes have always existed. The fight for America started as a rejection of unfair taxation. The Boston Tea Party was about taxation. Federal taxation on a citizen’s income did not exist until the Civil War and was repealed ten years later just to be reintroduced in 1909. Since then, most Presidents have provided at least a summary of their taxes, excluding Franklin D. Roosevelt and Donald Trump.

It is None of Our Business

If our personal income taxes are not the business of the President, then the President’s tax returns are not our business. President Trump’s 2005 tax forms were ‘discovered’ by a personality from MSNBC proving he paid a great deal in taxes. Innocent until proven guilty also applies to income taxes. This doesn’t seem to be the case for our sitting President.

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