One Login: Improving Access to Login Infrastructure

// Published February 1, 2018 by User1

There are a lot of reasons that access to management needs to be modernized. Multiple organizations and enterprises can benefit from high quality design and revolutionary concepts. Legacy and identity tools are some of the aspects that One Login addresses while making it easy for teams to challenge and adhere to core standards of business. The complex aspects of Identity and Access Management (IAM) can be seen throughout web applications and infrastructure. There are a lot of cloud application and pressures from the industry to get simpler solutions that will address core requirements.

Some of the pressures of enterprise and daily business demands have to do with the costs of operating a business. Having access to management software is fundamental because of the frequency of use that many institutions will need. The other pressures include costs of hosting and running servers. Electricity as well as air-conditioning are frequently required in order to properly operate the necessary IT components for an effective infrastructure.

There are a lot of benefits when not having to up keep with specific hardware components while upgrading and experiencing some negative or burden some aspects of maintenance efforts. Personnel are frequently responsible for training, retaining and improving the legacy of multiple kinds of personnel. Consistently improving the way that technology is less challenging is another aspect that needs attention.

Security concerns also affect the way that many organizations address integral standards of operation. They may be interested in staying up to date with security initiatives or other methods of operation. Organizations that had implemented RSA and SecurID standards ultimately had to upgrade themselves in order to get better solutions. There were significant security aspects and solutions that make it challenging to address underlying security problems.

Adaptive Authentication is the solution to this problem while addressing security in a fundamental and direct approach. A lot of systems have developed legacy solutions in order to address vulnerabilities. The deployment of these systems have had unforeseen holes in operation as well as in the security measures that are possible. OneLogin addresses common issues with security and privacy with their software solutions.


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