A Syrian Child Won the International Children’s Piece Prize

// Published February 2, 2018 by User1

Two weeks ago, Mohamad Al Jounde was recognized by the KidsRights Foundation because he created a school in Lebanon for hundreds of Syrian children.

According to KidsRights, more than 2.5 million Syrian children are displaced. And at least 500,000 of these children left for Lebanon in order to survive. Also, most of these children do not have access to adequate nutrition or healthcare. And millions of them, between the age of six and 15, are out of school.

Mohamad Al Jounde was barely 12 years old when he left for Lebanon. However, his circumstances did not prevent him from following his ideals, for he founded a school. The school was even built at an unofficial camp in Jaba, part of the fertile Bekaa Valley.

Mohamad Al Jounde must of have received a well-rouned education in Syria, for he has taught mathematics, English and photography. He has even taught adults. The young pedagogue founded the school three years ago, and during this period, he recruited all of his relatives as well as many volunteers. The school now boasts more than 200 students and professional instructors. The school also teaches about gender equality.

Mohamad Al Jounde, now 16, also has a philosophy of his own. He thinks that others need to express themselves intellectually. He built the school so others could have a safe space to express themselves.

Malaya Yousafzai, a prominent Pakistani activist, is also a recipient of the International Children’s Piece Prize. Like Mohamad Al Jounde, she thinks that Syria’s future depends on its youth. Malaya Yousafzai, who gave the award to Mohamad Al Jounde during The Hague ceremony, is currently studying at Oxford University.

The KidsRights Foundation was founded in 2005 in Rome, Italy. Its prestigious prize was introduced by Mikhael Gorbachev. Every year, a courageous child is recognized for improving children’s rights. Mohamad Al Jounde does not want his fellow young compatriots to become a lost generation, which is why he is working hard.

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