New Mainstream Media Interest In UFO Issues Charges Up UFO Counterculture

// Published February 3, 2018 by User1

One of America’s most persistent and enduring counterculture groups are those people who pursue and investigate UFOs. It’s a bona fide subculture of American society that has endured perhaps more ridicule, criticism and ostracism from mainstream acceptance than just about any other group that can be identified as “counterculture” over the past 50 years.

But those in the UFO community may get the last laugh after a blockbuster New York Times story that appeared on Dec. 17, 2017, which reported a sensational UFO encounter between U.S. Navy fighter pilots and a series of anomalous flying objects.

Suddenly, UFOs were big news again after languishing for decades in underground media and among fringe alternate news sources. The New York Times article also had considerable legs. It was picked up by CNN which gave the story prime time coverage on multiple nights. Other major mainstream media outlets including the Washington Post and Politico ran major stories on the U.S. Navy-UFO encounter.

Those in the UFO community are abuzz with the possibility that its often ridiculed and relegated-to-the-fringe cause is about to come out of the cold and go mainstream.

The UFO counterculture is a unique phenomenon even by counterculture standards. The group itself has fragmented within itself over the decades, and at times, one aspect of the subject has gained prominence over others.

For example, in the 1950 the movement was dominated by the co-called “Conactees.” These people who claimed to have made contact with highly intelligent, friendly, beautiful and human-looking aliens who brought messages of hope, peace and spiritual transcendence to mankind.

The Contactees were essentially ridiculed out of existence, but soon other UFO-related groups came forward and took center stage. An example is the abduction phenomenon believed to have begun with the 1961 encounter of Barney and Betty Hill. The experience of the Hills became a basic template for a significant movement within a movement.

It has been some time, however, since something new has emerged to recharge the UFO counterculture – until the amazing New York Times story exploded into mainstream consciousness on Dec. 17. It remains to be seen if the sudden attention of the “respectable” press will give a lasting boost to fortify the UFO counterculture of America.

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