How Does Graffiti Counterculture Become Mainstream?

// Published February 4, 2018 by User1

A counter culture could be forming at any time, and this could be occurring around you without your realizing it. However, governments are aware that counter cultures are constantly developing, as are PR and marketing firms.

Counter cultures are often creating as a response to dissatisfaction with the mainstream culture. The newly formed culture will like present artwork and schools of thought that expose the mainstream culture and make the contrast between dominant and overlooked life philosophies even more evident.

Counter culture is necessary for culture to grow overall. The introduction of a new counter culture can be surprising and even uncomfortable to accept at times. However, those who are particularly wise and discerning know that people who are marginalized often lead movements that lead to more worthwhile activities for everyone.

One of the most evident forms of counter culture expression is graffiti. This art form didn’t necessarily begin as a sign of subculture, but all mainstream institutions have been against graffiti at some point or another. However, over the years, more institutions have been open to it, however this has come with considerable trepidation.

The cit of Detroit is a great example of how graffiti and street art are being accepted in many parts of the city, keeping some artists from feeling ostracized and belittled. Those who have been creating street art in Detroit for years recently worked alongside graffiti newcomers. Businesses that want to have urban appeal have also partnered with some graffiti artists to give their companies a look that is both creative and professional. There are even some investors and art collectors who have seen the ways that graffiti is featured in gallery pieces and are now starting to “court” young street artists who want to grow their careers in the prestigious art field.

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