David Giertz Cites A Survey To Say Why Financial Advisors Should Address Social Security

// Published February 5, 2018 by User1

David Giertz has often gone on the record about the importance he places on financial advisors explaining the ins and outs of social security to their clients. An example of this is a sit-down interview that he conducted with the Wall Street Journal, armed with a recent survey about this subject. He said that it is important for both the client and the financial adviser that they talk about this issue.

The survey that David Giertz cited says that clients will leave advisors who won’t discuss this issue which leads to the loss of clients for those that refuse to do so. On the other hand, since social security makes up such a big part of the average retiree’s income, it is critical that they fully understand when and how do start taking their benefits. Both sides benefit, David Giertz says, when an advisor goes through what the best strategy is to take social security for each individual client even if it is a really complicated matter.

David Giertz has been both a financial advisor and an executive in the financial industry over the course of his three decade long career. He has also been a business coach for people newer to the profession than he is. This had led to the Worldwide Association of Business Coaches accrediting him as a business advisor.

For several years David Giertz worked for Nationwide Financial. He was the president of the company where he led their sales and distribution efforts. During his time in this position he boosted revenue from $11 billion a year to $17.8 billion and his division was profitable each year that he was in charge.

Earlier in his career David Giertz had worked for Citigroup for several years. He began his professional career as a financial services advisor. His success in this role led to him being named as an area director where he supervised and coached other financial advisors. He climbed that ladder at Citigroup when he earned the position of being an executive vice president of sales. In this position he consistently beat revenue and profit goals.

Find out more about David Giertz: https://www.linkedin.com/in/david-giertz-5aa76051

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