Michael Burwell: A Role Model In Business

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Willis Towers Watson has chosen their next chief financial officer: the company decided that Michael Burwell should become the next person to handle and oversee their financial department and all financial aspect of the company. Michael Burwell has more than 31 years of experience working in the financial sector, most notably with the Price Water House Coopers LLP. He has been working for more than three decades with the company, and he experienced a lot of challenges as he strived for a higher position. He has been assigned to different departments within the company, and it includes the assurance practice where he was tasked to work on audit clients. He would be working under the department for 11 years, and during this long period he managed to develop his skills, talents, abilities, and expertise and made Michael Burwell one of the most reliable persons in the field of finances.


Michael Burwell is a product of Michigan State University, where he received his B.A. Degree in Business Administration. He has also acquired his license as a CPA before entering the Michigan State University for his graduate school studies. Now that he has been chosen by the board of directors working for the Willis Towers Watson, Michael Burwell is expected to perform well and to provide a series of information and methods on how they could dominate the market. The Willis Towers Watson is an advisory firm that offers a lot of solutions for their customers, especially those who are developing an interest in the financial sector. View Related Info Here.


Now that Michael Burwell is the chief financial officer of the company, he would be given several responsibilities that he can finish off and accomplish on time, knowing that Burwell is a role model for everyone working in the corporate world. The executives back at the Willis Towers Watson, especially John Haley, who is the CEO, believes that Michael Burwell would provide new changes in the company and that it will be beneficial to all of the workers. Michael Burwell stated that his priority is to make the Willis Towers Watson as one of the leading financial institutions in the United States. He also expressed his excitement on working with the executives back at his present company, and he assured them that he would also be doing his part to ensure that the company would be able to provide what the public needs. Michael Burwell started working with Willis Towers Watson since October 2017.


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