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The Greg Secker foundation was started by Greg Secker as a way of giving back to the community. Greg started it with the aim of making the lives of people in various communities better. It is non-profit and entirely helps people out.

The most recent project that the organization carried out was dubbed project ‘build a house, build a home.’ This project was backed up by Nonito Donaire, a sports personality who after winning a boxing championship donated a million pesos towards the project. The project started two years after the typhoon Yolanda hit. The area that felt the most impact was Lemery, Iloilo. The foundation built a hundred houses for the diplased families. The project was completed three years later, and the displaced families got a place to call home once again.

Greg Secker has the UK as his place of birth since 18th February 1975. The Nottingham University is where he sought education and also where he graduated with a degree in food and agricultural sciences. Greg started off his career working as a trading technologist for the Thomas Cook financial services. Since Greg is an innovative person, he was the brains behind the invention of the VTD which made it easier for customers to trade their forex online. The invention won him the British telecom award in 1998.

When Secker was 25, he worked at the Mellon Financial Corporation. There, he was the VP and was privileged to be working with innovative and big minds in the financial industry. This is where he got to learn most of the things that he knows about forex trading. Greg retired from the corporation in 2003 to pursue a personal career in forex trading. He started off his career in his own house, and he has mentored people on the various strategies of forex trading.

Greg is a smart and innovative person and an entrepreneur with an eye for business. He is also a globally recognized speaker; he has been invited to speak in a number of seminars about forex trading. He had also spoken on major business channels like Bloomberg and CNBC. Secker stands alongside other internationally renowned speakers like Robert Kiyosaki and Anthony Robbins among others. Greg was the founder of the Knowledge to Action group. The most recent achievement that he has made is the launch of the capital index and smart charts.

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