Greg Secker, a Canadian forex trader changing the world one day at a time

// Published February 8, 2018 by User1

Nonito Donaire Jr. a renowned athlete from Manila recently joined forces with philanthropist George Secker in a quest to make a difference in the society. The former world boxing champion has demonstrated a passion for humanitarian activities and aims at empowering fellow athletes to follow suit. Over the years he has made numerous donations and helped the society encounter several challenges. Together with Mr. Secker, Nonito tined over a hundred homes to typhoon victims in Iloilo, Capinahan, and Lamery. This was an idea that was initially from Greg Secker.

Greg Secker is a 42-year-old Canadian entrepreneur, author, humanitarian and businessperson. He is a graduate of the Nottingham University where he majored in Agricultural and Food Science. Secker is known for his knowledge and experience in foreign exchange and global education of trading in the financial sector. He has also founded several establishments like Capital Index, FX Capital, Smart Charts Software, Learn To Trade and the foundation that he named after himself.

At the start of his career, Greg Secker worked for a financial service company called Thomas Cook Financial Services as a trading technologist. During his tenure in the business, his primary responsibility was the development of foreign exchange trading systems. By the year b1998, Secker had created an online forex trading platform that he named, the Virtual Trading Desk. This invention earned him British Telecom Award that very year. At a mere 25 years-of-age, Greg became the vice president of Mellon Financial Corporation where he worked until 2003. While at the corporation, Secker gurnard a lot of experience in financial trading. With this acquired know-how, he decided to become a forex trader and come up with his firm that he started in his house. This was the Knowledge to Action Group which currently comprises of Learn To Trade.

Other than his work as a forex trader, Mr. Secker is also very passionate about philanthropy. He founded his Greg Secker foundation in 2010 with the aim of improving the quality of life positively for people all around the globe. It is this foundation that he has incorporated people like Nonito Donaire to help him make a difference.

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