Drew Madden And Three Trends In IT Related To Healthcare

// Published February 14, 2018 by User1

Healthcare has played an integral part in extending the life expectancy of humans around the planet, not to mention raising the average quality of life of people throughout their time on our very own Blue Marble.


Although modern technology hasn’t always factored into the welfare of healthcare, the Internet and its many interconnected devices are certainly important to its modernity. Here are three modern trends in information technology related to healthcare, slated to trend upwards, some more than others, in 2018.


Documentation Of Clinical Records Will Change


Denials of service for treatments, medications, and recommendations in healthcare are likely to become more detailed in coming years. The fields of psychiatry, home health, and rehabilitation facilities will require more in-depth documentation than any other concentrations, due to their deeply in-depth nature.


Problems With Privacy Are On The Rise


Medical offices save pretty much everything a criminal need to steal any patient’s identity, if not all of their patients. As such, it’s important for healthcare providers to meet upcoming minimum necessary requirements according to the 21st Century Cures and HITECH Acts. See This Page to learn more.


Guessing Games No Longer


It’ll be a long, long time before guessing games in healthcare are eradicated. However, with the help of predictive analytics tools, online pharmacies will begin urging customers to seek help for problems based on their purchase histories.


A Leader In Healthcare Information Technology


As healthcare is one of the most lucrative industries on planet Earth, it’s important that the industry have a strong grasp on proper IT functions. That’s what Drew Madden has been trying to do throughout his decade-odd career in the sector, stemming from his bachelor-degree-level roots at the University of Iowa, where Madden studied Industrial Engineering.


Drew Madden is one of the key figures who have made a difference in Healthcare IT industry. Over the years, his passion for Electronic Medical Records (EMR) has driven him to make a series of accomplishments in the health sector.


His first job in healthcare information technology was at Cerner Corporation. Quickly after landing that position, he joined the ranks of Nordic Consulting Partners in 2010. The following year, in 2011, he became President of Nordic Consulting Partners, a position in which he remained through 2016. After leaving the consulting group, he found employment at Evergreen Healthcare Partners, where Drew Madden continues to work through today.


Drew Madden stands out in the healthcare field. He is a high caliber Healthcare IT investor who is keen on nurturing solid client partnerships. He’s also interested in improving the healthcare culture.

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