Jed McCaleb And His Work With Stellar

// Published February 16, 2018 by User1

Jed McCaleb is someone who is known for his programming work and he is someone who has impressed many with the things that he has done. His latest work has been with the Stellar Development Foundation. This man joined with Joyce Kim to found Stellar, and he hopes that Stellar will be something that will help many. Jed McCaleb handles the technical side of Stellar and he is busy with the coding work that has to be done for the program. He also handles the work of replying to emails and taking care of other aspects of the job to keep Stellar going.

Jed McCaleb is someone who is always looking for new solutions to problems that come up and that have been around for a long time, and Stellar was made to be a solution to some of the problems that are out there. This was created to increase and better economic participation and inclusion. Jed McCaleb got the idea to create Stellar because of Bitcoin and all that he had seen it do. He knew that the technology that was used to make Bitcoin work could also be used to create something like Stellar and something that would help many.

There are people who do not have banks that they rely on, and those are the kind of people that Jed McCaleb is hoping to help with Stellar. He is hoping to reach those people who do not have banks and to help them with their finances through the work that Stellar does. He also hopes to use Stellar to connect different financial institutions and help the world of finance, overall. Stellar is something that is run by a community, and Jed McCaleb set things up in a way that would make sure that the company was not run internally. He did this to benefit everyone.

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