50th Aniversary of One Counter CUlture Has Surprising Insights

// Published February 17, 2018 by User1

All human beings appear on earth in the same form according to what each individual’s pair of eyes see. Ironically, everyone’s features: head, arms legs and torso are located in the same places whether born in the USA ,the UK or elsewhere and regardless of the color of their flesh.

Periodically things happen that shake our cultural lifestyle making some who are old enough pause to remember the distant past and inspiring others who are much younger to learn from books, music personal information shared with them and other sources made available for their edification.

Until late November 2017 it appeared that the counterculture relative to the Hippie Culture based mainly in California but found to still exist in other parts of the USA was awakened by the death of an 83 year old man named Charles Manson. While someone dies every minute of every day somewhere on earth, what usually shakes the world is how that person lived his or her life.

Ironically, the death of Charles Manson occurred during the 50th year celebration for one of the most widely publicized counter-culture movements in history otherwise known as ‘The Hippie Movement.’ Dating back to the 1960s hippie culture groups were bombarded with middle class economic problems, nuclear weapons insecurity and easy-to-com-by questionable pharmaceutical products. According to President Donald Trump’s address to the nation on Jan 30, 2018, unfortunately these problems are still alive and thriving.

Some expressions that are part of our world today came from the Hippie Movement one of which is “make love not war.” Many people still form a V with the fingers of their right hand as a signal for “Peace” as they greet someone or prepare to say goodbye.

At appears at this moment in time that a member of Charles Manson’s family is meeting countless obstacles while attempting to gain possession of his remains for a burial service. If the desire to have Manson interred in a respectable place is not a sign of ‘make love not war’ what is?

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