Compensation lawyer Jeremy Goldstein explains workers incentives

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According to compensation lawyer Jeremy Goldstein, the stock option is the way through which companies can compensate their employees. However, this method has been experiencing some challenges that have seen it lose popularity as a trusted means of workers’ compensation. Jeremy Goldstein however, says that all is not lost. There is a new method that companies can implement that will work just like the stock options but will shield them from the disadvantages experienced with the stock options. The option is called the knockout barrier.


Stock options have been unpredictable, and workers cannot count on them. They can be lost quickly, and as a result, many workers have become less enthusiastic about them. No one wants something that they cannot depend on. Stock options are given to employees to act as an incentive for their work in the company. It is meant to make the employee feel like part of the company. Once an employee feels like he or she is part of the company, they will work hard to ensure that the company does not fall since they will have something to lose as well. Stock options, however, have been a burden to the company especially when they lose value. The accounting burden is passed to the company, and it might be better to just offer a higher salary as an incentive rather than using the stock options.


Jeremy Goldstein has spent his career working with the biggest companies in the American Corporate sector. He has dealt with compensation methods in these corporations and therefore understands what a good incentive method many do to a business.


Jeremy Goldstein advises businesses to adopt an incentive method that agrees with their goals. There are incento9ve methods that will work for some companies and not for others. Another method he talks about is the EPS. This is a method that gives incentives to employees depending on their performance. The business executives will set the limits or the metrics of performance.


EPS has the advantage of boosting the stock value of a company. The value of stock directly affects the performance of an industry. If the stock value is good, investors and shareholders will buy more shares. Clearly, there is a correlation between EPS and performance of a business.


About Jeremy Goldstein


Jeremy Goldstein is one of the people who has done a lot in the field of workers compensation. He has worked with the big financial institutions in the country and has reco0mmmned methods that work to the advantage of both the worker and the company.


Jeremy Goldstein has an office in New York. He has a law firm called Jeremy L. Goldstein &Associates. It is one of the reputable law firms in the world in the field of corporate governance and workers’ compensation. Learn more:


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