Counter Culture Food Movement Must Watch For ‘Elitism’

// Published February 22, 2018 by User1

Some people are worried that a growing “elitist attitude” in the counter culture food movement could damage the progress that has been made to transform the way we produce and eat food.

Those who are driving alternative ways to eat adhere to basic sets of key principles. They are determined to take back control of the fundamentals of food production from mega-corporations who have given us heavily processed junk foods. The petro-chemical industrial agriculture industry is good at producing huge amounts of food, but they do so by employing an array of toxic herbicides, pesticides and other chemicals, while also damaging soil and polluting water.

The counter culture food movement is centered around the notion of turning away from corporate processed “junky” foods toward ecologically-friendly, organic, locally sourced and humanely produced foods.

But some who support this are worried that too many of their adherents are becoming “snobs.” They turn their noses down at others who still like to eat Pop Tarts, grab a burger at a fast food chain giant or buy prepackaged convenience meals loaded with preservatives and various chemicals.

Just as too much liberal political correctness has created a huge backlash among conservative elements of society, stylish “foodies” may stumble into the mistake of shaming those who really don’t care what they eat, as long as it’s cheap and easy.

This is important because the ultimate goal of the counter culture food movement is to some day win out by radically reshaping the entire food industry. The dominant industrialized agriculture scheme that rules the world is leading to an ecological crisis, and health problems as well, such as the obesity epidemic.

Thus, it is important that counter culture foodies keep advocating for ecologically sane “ethical eating” – while refraining from blaming and shaming those who want to stick with the status quo.

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