Talkspace Offering Online Therapy for the Busy Millennials

// Published February 26, 2018 by User1

Talkspace was set up in 2012, and since then it has added more than 200 therapists to their list and have active 100000 users. The company came into realization after its founder Oren and Roni came to know how most people did not have access to therapy and had to wait for days to get an appointment for traditional therapy. Also, the therapists would charge exorbitant fees that most people could not afford. Talkspace offer online therapy to its clients at a fraction of the price that the traditional therapists charge. Also, people are getting better results from online therapy as they are not put off by the intimacy that comes with traditional therapy.

Talkspace matches people with a professional therapist through their smartphones. Once they pay the fees, they can speak to their therapists any time within 24 hours. Thus, those people who are busy in their lives can get help according to their own schedules. Talkspace is much more flexible than another kind of therapies, and people do not have to wait to get the help that they need to get out their mental issues. The users’ just need to talk to their therapists through text messages, and it is something that most of the millennial generation prefer. Talkspace, being much cheaper is accessible to everyone and allowing people to spend as little as possible on therapy.

Over the years, the number of people seeking help from Talkspace therapists is increasing. It has almost gone eight times up since Donald Trump was elected as the President. The company is also seeing an increase in the number of women applying for online therapy. Even the numbers of people from the minority groups such as Jewish, Muslims and LGBT are increasingly seeking therapy through this unconventional method as it is much easier for them.

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