What the Nick Vertucci Real Estate Academy Teaches

// Published February 27, 2018 by User1

Nick Vertucci is a California businessman who founded the Nick Vertucci Real Estate Academy. He had implemented a successful strategy to make money in the real estate industry that he now teaches to others in classes that take place across the United States. He had decided that once he had become a multi-millionaire following his methods he would help others attain financial freedom by teaching them how he did it.

It was early in his life when he founded his first company. He sold computer parts and was quite successful up until when the bottom fell out of the tech industry in 2000. He lost his business and his marriage in the fallout. His luck changed, though, when he was talked into going to a real estate seminar. He learned a lot that day and dove into learning everything he could about residential real estate before jumping in with both feet.

The area of real estate that he found success in is called house flipping. The method is to find a house that is inexpensive compared to other similar ones in the area. He would buy the home and then make all necessary repairs to it so that its value increased. Then he would sell the home and pocket a tidy profit. There are ins and outs to this that he teaches in his courses.

At the Nick Vertucci Real Estate Academy they take a hand’s on approach to their education about how to rehab and then flip a property. Nick and his team also have branched out to other specialties in this industry such as how to invest in commercial properties like an office park profitably. Other people want to learn about how to buy homes at a good price and then keep them as a long-term rental in order to generate monthly income. This academy has that covered as well.

Since the Nick Vertucci Real Estate Academy launched a number of years ago thousands of Americans have attended the free workshops they hold in major cities. Their website includes many success stories where former students talk about the success they’ve found in real estate.

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