Lime Crime Crushes it Again!

// Published March 1, 2018 by User1

Looks like Doe Deere and her smash hit beauty products company, Lime Crime, have done it again! One of their latest beauty product offerings, Diamond Crushers Lip Toppers, are a big hit with beauty and fashion-conscious young women everywhere. What are Diamond Crushers Lip Toppers?

Six Transforming Lipsticks

They’re a collection of six amazing lipstick transformers designed to make a bold fashion statement, What makes them extra special is all of the holographic glitter in them. And, hey, who doesn’t love glitter? Girls and glitter just seem to go together like rum and coke. These glittery new lipsticks were reviewed by a number of women that are on the staff of InStyle. Each one had a special way of layering their Diamond Crushers Lip Toppers from Lime Crime, every one seemingly better than the other.

Glam and Non-Sticky

The InStyle Office Manager was a big fan of matte lips but now loves Lime Crime Diamond Crushers in a color called “Trip” She said that the new lip products are really glam. At the same time, however, she said they’re non-sticky and make it effortless for stepping up her lip game. Their Digital Fashion News Editor said that she received compliments and loved the gold foil effect she got from the color “Lit”.

From Photo Editors to Beauty Writers

The InStyle Photo Editor loved how the Diamond Crushers “Dope” color added shine and shimmer that could be subtle for everyday wear or built up for her to stand out at holiday parties. Other personal opinions included that of an Associate Beauty Editor who reported that the “Choke” Diamond Crusher looks great over nude or pink lipstick. And, according to an InStyle Beauty Writer, “Fluke” is a sparkly-rosy-pink that’s surprisingly wearable with a somewhat sheer finish.

Who is Doe Deere?

Doe Deere is a young and very colorful Russian immigrant who started an online cosmetics company that is crushing it in the beauty field. She’s often been called the “Queen of the Unicorns” and her love for bold colors is legendary, so stay tuned for more amazing new products from this avant-garde company.

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