Drake’s Altruistic Music Video

// Published March 2, 2018 by User1

Canadian rapper and singer, Drake released his latest chart-topper this year, entitled “God’s Plan,” however, the accompanying music video, which dropped earlier this week, takes the cake. Every other artist may as well not release any videos at all this year unless they plan on topping the near $1 million dollars spent on Drake’s new video for “God’s Plan.”

The video starts with a disclaimer, much like Blink 182’s from long ago, which tells exactly how much money was spent on making the music video. The price is close to one million dollars.

In the wake of disasters including hurricanes and school shootings, Drake gives away massive amounts of money to families and individuals of Miami, Florida. In fact, the music video is shot primarily at a local Miami high-school and features a small army of overly hyped kids and undoubted Drake fans. At one point in the video, Drake is seen standing on top of a supermarket conveyor belt, urging all of the customers to get whatever they want and he will pay for it. The man responsible for “Hotline Bling” even approaches a family by surprise, giving them something like ten thousand dollars in order to buy a new home. Furthermore, the high-school in Miami, where “God’s Plan” was shot will now be issuing new uniforms to students, which were designed by Drake and his company, OVO, themselves.

Drake has been on top of the charts and airwaves for almost a decade now, with no signs of backing down. Students of one Miami high-school were certainly stoked to receive new uniforms and a large donation from the Canadian rapper, but they will be forever immortalized in the music video.

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