80-Year-Old Man Becomes an Erasmus Student

// Published March 3, 2018 by User1

Miguel Castillo,80, has moved the media since he enrolled in university and obtained an Erasmus scholarship.

Castillo, a native from Valencia, not too long ago was working as a notary. But shortly after retiring, he suffered from a heart attack. The octogenarian, in order to live, had no choice but to undergo coronary bypass surgery. And once recovered, he did not do much beyond walking, sleeping or babysitting his grandchildren. Castillo is married and has three children.

Castillo, over time, aspired different things. He was tired of the same old routine and wanted something new. One day, he decided that he wanted to go back to school. During his youth, he attended university and studied law. And before he graduated, he taught at the University of Barcelona. Castillo always had a love for learning. However, he had just obtained an interest in history in recent years. Thus, Castillo knew that he had to act, which is why he enrolled in the University of Valencia.

The Valencian’s goal is to obtain a four-year degree. He will also concentrate in modern history. Castillo, of course, is a famous student. To some, he is known because of his old age; to others, he is known because of his audacity. One day, he turned in an application for an Erasmus scholarship. And over time, the good news arrived. He got it. Next Monday, he will leave for Verona, Italy. According to Castillo, he chose this location because he had visited this place 42 years ago. He went there in order to see the famous opera singer Maria Callas.

Castillo is also aware of the “social side” of the Erasmus program. However, he will not be partying that much. But he will try to have fun. The Spaniard will first arrive at a hotel with his wife. Then, they will move to an apartment. According to Castillo, he wants to inspire others. He, after all, has already made a lot of new friends. Castillo thinks that elderly people should open up to the world. They still have a lot to contribute to others.

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