Michael Hagele Is A Successful Investor Businessman Who Gives His Clients A Competitive Edge In Today’s World

// Published March 7, 2018 by User1

Michael Hagele is an investor and businessman who also offers general counsel for tech companies. He earned a Bachelor’s of Arts Degree while attending the University of Iowa and received his Juris Doctor while studying at the University of California, Berkeley. He started out his earlier career by going to work in Silicon Valley for Fenwick and West LLP but eventually moved on from the company to provide his services as a general counselor for a spread of internet companies that were backed by venture capital. He now has his own practice where he offers legal services to clients who have technology-based businesses.

Michael Hagele starts out his day by focusing on the needs of his tech clients by offering them counseling in legal matters. He usually breaks up his day by getting some exercise around noon in the form of a bike ride through the mountains or elsewhere. This break in his schedule also leads him to some of his more creative moments where he is able to come up with new ideas for his clients. After this break, he gets back to work by taking care of client issues or other issues that have been an ongoing project. He has found that he comes up with his best ideas by challenging assumptions and taking new information into account that can change the way that he looks at problems. Learn more about Michael Hagele at crunchbase.

Michael Hagele finds that he is most productive as an entrepreneur when he is putting his customers and clients first. Generally speaking, he focuses on what will make his clients’ lives better, and then he works on making those things a reality. He also is a believer of working plenty of exercise into his day, because he finds that it rejuvenates and sharpens his thinking. He has said that even a walk around the area he is working in will help to give him the energy and creativity he needs to come up with innovative ideas that can make a real difference in his clients’ lives. Michael Hagele has found that one of the most important areas to focus on that has helped him to grow his own business is social media where he can connect with his clients. Visit: https://ideamensch.com/michael-hagele/


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