Larkin & Lacey: Shedding Light on Trump Pardoning Arpaio!

// Published March 14, 2018 by User1

Few things get under people’s skin more when it comes to wrongdoings than a person in power who operates with corruption and for personal gain.

This was quite evident when a crowd of voters erupted in joyful cheers after the former Maricopa County Sheriff Joe Arpaio did not win his seventh term for reelection back in 2016.

It is not new news that Sheriff Arpaio has been a subject of controversy from the inception of his long career term, both politically and with a wavering hand upholding the law.

For this reason, when President Donald Trump pardoned the infamous sheriff from a criminal contempt conviction stemming back from the summer of last year, many of his opponents were questioning foul play. Learn more about James Larkin and Michael Lacey: and

Arpaio obviously played his cards right with intent and purpose being one of Trumps most staunch and vocal supporters with regard to the Presidents Birther Movement campaign tactics and it served him well.

Many of Arpaio’s critics were looking ahead with great anticipation of seeing justice being finally physically served, but as a result of the pardoning, he will not spend any jail time in the same prison he swore to uphold the law in.

The 87-year-old former sheriff built his entire career and goals on eliminating illegal immigration and border control. He left no stone unturned either in his pursuit to actualize his mission, including racial profiling.

“America’s Toughest Sheriff” may have thought himself above the law and untouchable to accountability, but the tides changed for him after Judge G. Murray Snow ordered him to cease and desist targeting the Hispanic population in Arizona. Read more: Village Voice Media | Wikipedia and Michael Lacey | LinkedIn

After issuing a preliminary injunction, the judge brought to light many instances where innocent Latino people were discriminated against via racial profiling with their civil rights being trampled on.

These documented cases along with Snows orders should have been enough to make Arpaio stop his harassing tactics and methods, but he continued to employ the same disparaging and illegal detentions he was warned against.

Even though he may have skirted the law again, many notable groups like the Frontera Fund members continue to rally the cause against injustice and fight strongarm tactics like the ex-sheriffs.

Jim Larkin and Michael Lacey have been an instrumental powerhouse for victims of inequality and wrongful acts against the innocent.

They have generously donated thousands of dollars awarded to them from their own tragic run in with Arpaio, which they were compensated for by the courts as a result.

Larkin and Lacey have proven time and time again, that with exposure and rallying together with the combination of resources, the strong arm of the law can be brought down if it will not represent and serve all citizens equally.

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