Nick Vertucci Shows Why Real Estate Is A Legitimate Way For People Of All Backgrounds To Get Rich

// Published March 21, 2018 by User1

If you’ve always been told that you can’t get rich without going to the most expensive universities or having connections to wealthy businessmen, that actually is not true. A man who built his fortune from hearing about what buying properties and turning them into cash revenue is Nick Vertucci, the founder and Chairman of Nick Vertucci Real Estate Academy. The academy is not a regular academic organization but instead is something that explains the methods Vertucci used to build his real estate portfolio with. It took many years for Vertucci to become adept in real estate, but his journey into it is one that many people find to be uplifting.

Nick Vertucci was born in southern California and has spoken of his family and hardworking and loving, but they had very little money and could barely afford their living means. Things got even worse when Vertucci’s father died and by them time he turned 18, he was on his own living out of a vehicle. Upon looking for work, he discovered a way to make money selling computer parts. This actually turned out to be quite a profitable company, and in several years he had enough money to buy a home and get married. Vertucci thought this business would be what would bring him all the way to retirement, but when the tech crash of 2000 happened he lost his business and all his money with it. He had a lot of items repossessed including his car and very nearly lost the house with it, but though his situation was dire he still looked for a way out.

The answer came to Nick Vertucci when a friend encouraged him to go to a real estate weekend workshop, and although he didn’t think it would amount to much and didn’t even fully understand everything he heard there, he came away realizing that maybe there really was something to it. So he began researching on his own how to do the things that the speaker had lectured on at the workshop, and in time he was able to buy cheap properties. He figured out how to renovate and resell them for huge profits, and in about 10 years he had sold or rented out enough properties that he became a millionaire living debt-free. Vertucci wanted to share all of that information to others, and in 2014 the academy was officially launched. Many people have given reviews on it and spoken about how the academy’s system really works, and even more so how the support gained at the academy is ongoing once you graduate.

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