Augmented Reality Creates New Level of Realism for Horror Movie Fans

// Published March 22, 2018 by User1

Augmented reality internet icon Abhishek Singh brings horror film’s most diabolical personalities up close and personal using Apple’s latest ARKit.

Singh used the latest release of Apple’s augmented reality software development package to bring the horror film based on The Ring to life with otherworldly realism.

Shared on his Twitter page, Singh’s video presents the demonic specter from The Ring, Samara, crawling out of his television set and inching towards him across his living room carpet. Samara creeps up from behind walls and down hallways in Singh’s home. At times Samara pops up right in front of Singh, causing him to jump backwards.

Taking advantage of the ARKit’s latest advanced capabilities including light estimation automatically adjusted for scene optimization using the camera’s built-in sensors as well as machine learning algorithms that continually adjust the positions of the horror images to the correct background surfaces, the ARKit delivers a very real and at times jolting experience, superior to that of other augmented reality systems.

The high quality 3d graphics and powerful realism is created by the Unity gaming framework, an interactive software package released in 2005 that has powered many popular games including Super Mario Run, Outcast:Second Contact, Chaos Reborn and Angry Birds 2.

Augmented reality has grown in popularity among virtual world enthusiasts and educators, replacing virtual reality as the first choice for developing games and providing environmental monitoring and feedback in real time, making it an ideal technology for applications ranging from entertainment to training simulators.

In contrast to the full immersion of virtual reality, augmented reality presents graphics and text overlapped into the viewer’s normal visual experience using special glasses and headsets such as Epson Moverio and HP Windows Mixed Reality Headsets.

Abhishek Singh has earned an online reputation as a multi-talented inventor and creator. His earlier augmented reality creations have included an interactive Super Mario Bros, using Unity and the Microsoft Hololens.

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