Online Platforms Boot Alt-Right Leaders

// Published March 24, 2018 by User1

The alt-right is beginning to run out of online locations to articulate their rhetoric. The online platforms Kickstarter, GoFundMe, and Indiegogo had already banned campaigns from a variety of white nationalists organizations some time ago. In response to these actions, alt-right organizers created its own platform which it named Hatreon.

The next blow to what alt-right sympathizers say is the protection of their free speech was a move on the part of Twitter to take away the “verified” statuses that were previously enjoyed by white nationalists such as Mike Cernovich and Laura Loomer.

Twitter also suspended the accounts of multiple groups that identified with neo-nazi philosophies which resulted in these groups migrating to a social platform for alt-right named Gab.

The fight against the alt-right now includes the online publishing platform Medium, which has evicted Cernovich and Loomer, along with a fellow alt-right commentator Jack Posobiec. Posts from the three individuals have been removed from Medium and clicking links to these posts now result in error messages.

Medium was once known for allowing users to post any material that they wanted but an update to the platform’s terms of service on February 7 has resulted in a stronger stance against any speech that is considered hateful in nature.

Medium declined to comment directly on the suspension of the three individuals mentioned but in a statement released by the platform it was stated clearly that hate speech or disinformation of any kind would not be tolerated and that actions of individuals “off-platform” will also be taken into consideration in regards to granting posting privileges on Medium’s platform.

The trio has continued its efforts elsewhere and Cernovich has been vocal in expressing his displeasure with Medium. Cernovich explained publicly that he is a paying customer of Medium and has been discriminated against on the basis of gender and race.

Cernovich goes on to suggest that Medium has no problem with “hate speech” being produced by other demographic groups on its platform.

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