Jeunesse Global breaks ground with cognition-enhancing M1nd energy drink

// Published March 26, 2018 by User1

Over the last 8 years, Jeunesse Global has been the come-from-behind winner in the international health and beauty industry. Never before has a company come out of nowhere to so quickly and severely disrupt the entire health and beauty sector. Now, Jeunesse Global continues its astonishing rise by introducing some of the most revolutionary health and beauty products that have ever been seen.

The company is the brainchild of industry pioneers Randy Ray and Wendy Lewis, both of whom had enjoyed long and prosperous careers building some of the most important companies in the direct marketing of health and beauty products in the United States. Ray had acquired a reputation as being one of the most talented salesmen in the North America region while Lewis had a proven track record of building businesses and developing some of the most popular products that had come along in decades.

Both Ray and Lewis would not disappoint with their newest venture. Jeunesse Global has now become the standard-bearer for the global direct marketing of health and beauty supplies. And the company has continued to innovate, creating some of the most groundbreaking products that the world of health and beauty has ever seen.

One example of this pioneering spirit is the company’s M1nd cognition-enhancing drink. Designed for busy professionals who need to operate at peak mental performance throughout the entire workday, M1nd is able to deliver many of the same benefits as performance-enhancing drugs like Adderall and Ritalin, but in an all-natural formulation without any of the side effects associated with other stimulants.

M1nd also contains a patented all-natural formulation that Jeunesse simply refers to as Cera-Q. The Cera-Q formula has been clinically proven to increase short-term and working memory, increase the speed with which certain tasks can be completed and even to increase calculation ability within some tasks. Although it has not been clinically proven that M1nd is actually able to raise the IQ of the user, some of the tests on which M1nd users do better are strongly enough correlated with IQ that such a boost can plausibly be inferred.

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