Fight for Counter-culture Movement

// Published March 30, 2018 by User1

Election years feature political groups and lobbyists swinging for the right to claim the ‘Majority’ title and power. The results of the 2008 election were America’s response to the Great Recession and the seemingly unending years of war against terrorism. By the same token, 2016 saw the pendulum swing the other way. After eight years, the minority Republican party emerged on top. Now two years after the election, both groups are scrambling for the title of counter-culture. The question is why?

Election Brief

The 2008 presidential election sent the former majority power into a panic. They feared a national culture shock, and instead were shown culture and refinement in leadership. In 2016, many voters had not let go of their fear of change and their discomfort with it. Instead of voting a female into a position of authority, the country shocked the world by voting Republicans into power. This was despite decades of successful female leadership in America’s global counterparts.

Title has its Influence

Counter-cultural means the group’s values and actions are opposite of those of the majority, which makes sense. If there is anything young people like, it’s being contrary and independent thinking. Hipsters and hippies know that change starts by getting young people’s attention. By pointing out discrepancies, young people may rally to the cause. Hippies did this in the 60s, and hipsters have been doing the same since 2000.

This strategy is evidenced in the elections of 2008, 2012, and 2016. It’s now two years to the 2020 election. Republicans and Democrats are vying for the cool counter-culture title and with it, the votes of Generation Z and Millenials. However, the real counter-culture movement is as was seen in Jennifer Lawrence’s shocking announcement. This next year, she is working with to help fix corruption involved in America’s political system, including gerrymandering, election rigging, and bribery. This may be a political counter-culture movement that may be worth getting behind.

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