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Nexbank Capital Inc, are very proud to have completed the private placement of its fixed-to-floating rate dependent notes worth $54 million, to certain institutions and renown investors, successfully. According to their announcement, Nexbank Capital plans to use the revenue generated from the offering for the purposes of general corporate.So far, the bank has already managed to raise debt and equity totaling $283 million since 2016.

These notes can’t be redeemed before the end of five years and they are expected to mature by the last day of September 2027. For the five years the notes have a fixed interest rate of 6.375%, but after that at a floating rate that depends on three months LIBOR basic points that will be operational by then. According to Kroll Bond Rating Agency, the notes have been given an investment grade of BBB and are rated as a 2 tier capital going by the capital regulations under use.

The notes offering which was closed on the 19th of September 2017, were privately offered by the acting sole placement agent, Sandler O’Neil, and Partners. However, these notes are not under the registration of Securities Act limiting their sale or offer in the United States.

More About NexBankCapital Inc.

This is a banking and financial service and product provider based in Dallas, Texas in the United States. NexBank Capital was founded in 1922 and ever since it has been offering a number of services which include investment banking, Mortgage banking, commercial banking, corporate advisory, institutional services as well as acting as a broker-dealer. These services are executed through the company’s subsidiaries.

NexBank Capital mainly works with financial institutions, institutional clients, real estate investors, large corporations, and middle-market companies. By December 2017, the company had an asset base worth $8.4 billion.

The leadership of NexBank CApital has largely contributed to the growth and success of the company due to their strong commitment. The combination of unwavering focus on service provision and many years of industry expertise has enabled the company to lead in offering financial services to clients.

NexBank is under the leadership of James Dondero, who is the current Chairman.

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