Perry Mandera and The Service for Others as Symbol for Mental Cultivation

// Published April 4, 2018 by User1

Was it Cicero who said that the mind’s cultivation is as essential as the food that our body needs? In the case of Perry Mandera, cultivation of the mind doesn’t just come from reading books by James Salter or David Foster Wallace. It doesn’t come by being cultured from watching Bisaya Short Films or the work of Lav Diaz. A mind’s cultivation could mainly come from service to others, to humanity or a goal higher than one’s own.


The Service for Others

The true testament of service to others by Perry Mandera is when he launched the Custom Care Charities, Inc. It is an organization that dedicates itself to helping the marginalized, the poor, the kids who are in conflict with the law, the homeless and the disabled. The help that Perry Mandera has for others is also a true sign that he can give more than he can get, and the true meaning of service and to do business is to improve the lives of the people who need you.


The Background

It may be essential here to trace how Perry Mandera was able to think of creating Custom Cares Charities Inc. For starters, we know that at the age of 23, Perry already started working for various transport companies. Before that, he went to a Chicago public high school in 1975 and went to serve the U.S. Marine Corps afterward. Such service and dedication to others may have been the drive and training ground for him to find meaning, fulfillment, and passion in helping others. Such service has also earned him the Honorable Discharge from the Marine Corps as he transitioned entirely to civilian life.

With such extensive and arduous training, there’s little surprise why right now the company he started has reached an annual sales that go beyond the 200 million dollars, the usual benchmark for companies to be categorized as a Fortune 500 company.

Right now, the company Perry Mandera leads is known for its Air Freight Forwarding Services and Dedicated Contract Car.tage. It’s also relevant to say here that last 2000, Perry Mandera through his company received the Top 100 American Transport.ation Executives of the Millenium.



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