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// Published April 4, 2018 by User1

Tired of that spotty, sometimey Skype service (and we use that term loosely)?! Had enough of barely there people (and we use that term loosely) popping up half naked on your Facebook chat? Longing for a sincere link to healthy friends, family and colleagues? Then TalkFusion is the app for you and yours. Developed and marketed in 2007 by the former Hillsborough County Deputy Sherif Bob Reina, TalkFusion provides you with the secure aand professional, real-time connection that you need for all of your business and casual connections!


What does it do, you ask? A shorter answer would address what doesn’t it do! But in keeping with the TalkFusion spirit of diligence and not cutting corners, we’ll share that information with you here. This app is functional on and through iOS and Android operating systems, and available through both Google’s Play Store and Apple’s iTunes. Through this thoughtful application link, you are able to connect with anyone with these access portals to video chat, video conference, leave video emails, and get paid. Yes, that was not a typo. Transfering his skills of anticipating clients’ circumstances that he may address them favorably, CEO and Founder Bob Reina has developed the mechanism through which you may immediately receive your commissions for sales. (And do we hear a collective sigh from the peanut gallery of sales department managers? Indistinguishable and border line sorrowful!?) No more sixty day waits for verification and calculation and exportation and revocation and resuscitation.. Well, you get the idea. Are you not worthy of your hire? Do you not know how to leave the money untouched, if need be, until the appropriate timeframe? No more surprises and no more -tioning or shunning by those who couldn’t sell so became commanders.


The TalkFusion app is available and accessible to you for handling all of your contact needs without any surprise cost labels from your device hosts. With this product and service delivered from cenntral Florida and available globally through the aforementioned platforms, you can meke that personal connection 24/7/52. At the level of sales you’re targeting, all of your potential buyers will prefer a face to face simulation over voice tag or postcards through snailmail.


What’s more, TalkFusion is an ever growing Company actively seeking to enhance its clients’ experiences with consideration of your lifestyle needs. Isn’t it time for you to receive the support and services you need without the hassle of barely there providers? Wouldn’t you cherish the option to witness first walks, hear first words, see gratuations from thousands of miles away, reassure your customers which are newly embarking in their businesses and tempted to keep you at arms length just as a matter of unknown course? It’s time to divest yourself of all that angst. Unite with TalkFusion today and exhale. Your connection is secure. Learn more:

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