Drew Madden: Using IT For Healthcare Treatments

// Published April 7, 2018 by User1

Drew Madden has been busy creating and perfecting hospital and clinic medical systems. These tools make a diagnosis, follow up, and treat patients faster and can make the treatment less expensive. Madden has a degree in Industrial Engineering with a focus on medical applications. He earned his degree from the University of Iowa, College of Engineering. Madden has worked for companies such as Ingenix and Nordic Consulting Partners.


Gathering and recording patient’s tests can all be done on a medical tracking system. How it works is the information is inputted into one central location. After the tests are recorded, the computer can diagnose the results and recommend treatments.


Capturing and analyzing the test results is something a medical IT system can do. This would allow time for doctors to review the tests in one spot and take the time to discuss the options and plan with the families and patients instead of gathering data. The computer assembles for the workers leaving them time to focus on the patient and communications.


Billing has always been significant area that needed lots of monitoring. Many dollars can be lost or wasted if someone is not keeping a watchful eye out. There is a new system called EVV, which electronically verifies visits that caregivers make on patients. The state of Texas has already implemented the EVV program.


If a caregiver is late or leaves in the middle of the night, the system will track and monitor the situation. Caregivers will only be paid what the system can verify they worked. It will not be long before all 50 states require some verification before paying for patient care. Go Here for additional information.


An IT system that handles and stores patients advance directives is needed. Advance directives rigorously spell out a person’s wishes in the event they require life-saving drugs or measures. This type of system, handling this type of information, gives peace of mind to the patient, families, and doctors.


Drew Madden has been working for many years perfecting and innovating new systems in the healthcare field. These tools save time, money, and lives.

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