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There are doctors, and there are doctors who touch hearts. Dr.Saad Saad falls in the latter category.


Doctor Saad Saad attended Cairo University School of Medicine from where he attained his degree. He is currently based in Eatontown, New Jersey.


Dr. Saad practices as a pediatric thus mostly dealing with the care of the health of children and young people. Interestingly enough, Saad reveals a caring side in his practice. He has been on his career path for over two decades, and from this period he has seen how much trauma and pain children have to go through especially when undergoing certain procedures.


After seeing that, he made a resolve to come up with new ideas that would enable him and doctors at large alleviate the pain of their patients. Hence, with a determined mind and a willing heart he engaged himself into doing more research and within no time was able to come up with some inventions to assist in this.


More than that, in seeing how some of the scans at times put the health of the patients at higher risk, he came up with a new means by which internal functionality of the organs and operations can be monitored through external gadgets. Indeed this he has found to be a much-preferred method compared to the use of X-rays. This school of thought is slowly gaining momentum with those in the medical field, and more appreciation is being given to his innovative idea. Perhaps soon physicians will adopt this invention.


Dr. Saad most definitely has a big heart. This is made much more evident from some of the awards that have been bestowed upon him in the recent years. The Patients’ Choice Award and an award for the Compassionate Doctor Recognition were both awarded to him.


Unlike most doctors who see the profession as majorly for earning a lot of money, Dr. Saad sees it as a way to help anyone and everyone. He thus strives to bring relief to even those who cannot afford medical care. This he has done by offering his medical services beyond the borders of the United States at absolutely no cost at all. Learn more:

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