Digital Nomad Lifestyle Is 21st Century Counter Culture

// Published April 20, 2018 by User1

They are called Digital Nomads. Social observers say they represent a new, genuine counter culture. It’s a movement – and its members do a lot of moving, as in traveling.

Being mobile is what the Digital Nomad lifestyle is all about. But first, let’s define the term.

A Digital Nomad is a person who is “location independent,” meaning they never stay in one place for long. To make money they take on jobs that allow them to work through mobile devices, such as smartphones and laptops that rely on WiFi. They also make use of “voice over internet protocol” to communicate with clients or employers.

What kind of jobs to Digital Nomads do? It’s mostly in what is called the “knowledge economy.” That means writing, IT, marketing, graphic design, consulting, tutoring – anything that can be dome from any location – even while sitting on a beach or on some mountain top.

Payments are made electronically. Thanks to services like PayPal and now online banking, payment can be zapped instantly anywhere to literally any location around the world.

Digital Nomads are restless types who want to see the world. They dread being stuck in some dreadful office cubical day after day. Digital Nomads tend to be young and single. It’s much easier to flit from place to place without having kids in school, for example. They travel light. Many live out of a van or RV.

One of the most attractive Digital Nomad lifestyles if owning a travel blog. The work is to basically visit as many exciting destinations around the world as he or she can and share video and travel stories with – hopefully – an audience of thousands, or tens of thousands. Such a site can earn decent cash.

The Digital Nomad counter culture is an outcome of technological determinism – the advent of a world connected by Internet and mobile devices that has enabled a a way to create a entirely new lifestyle attractive to those bitten by wanderlust.

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