Nick Vertucci is Sharing Real Estate Success through NVREA

// Published April 20, 2018 by User1

In January of 2014, Nick Vertucci launched NC Real Estate Academy. NC Real Estate Academy, also known as NVREA, was created to teach the real estate investment strategies which Nick Vertucci has perfected over the years. While Mr. Vertucci has gained financial freedom through his real estate investments, his life was not always so secure. Growing up, his family struggled to make ends meet. Their situation was even more precarious when, at ten years old, Mr. Vertucci lost his father.

After Nick Vertucci turned 18, he began selling computer accessories. His business became very successful until the dot-com crash hit in 2000. He lost his business and his home as a result. While this was a major setback, in 2004 Mr. Vertucci enrolled in a 3-day real estate academy. Applying his acute business insight, Mr. Vertucci utilized his new-found knowledge to become a real estate investor. He walked away from his failed dot-com business and invested in one building at a time. He focused on turnkey single-family homes that could be rehabilitated and then rented. He also utilized the lessons he learned from his dot-com business. He admits his dot-com business failed because the market was changing, and he did not change with it. He has learned the importance of working with market changes to create success.

Mr. Vertucci found so much success that he began his own radio show called “The Real Estate Investing Hour”. Subsequently, in 2004, he made the decision to share his investing strategies to the public. Thus, the NVREA was born. The NVREA has its corporate office in Orange County, California, but has teams around the nation. Mr. Vertucci has daily contact with his teams, ensuring that the NVREA is offering the best education for prospective real estate investors. He lives by the mantra See It, Believe It, Map It, Execute It. This mantra has served Nick Vertucci well and allowed him much success in his ventures.

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