Suddenly Conservatives Think They’re The New Counterculture

// Published April 22, 2018 by User1

It’s been happening since Trump’s election. “Alt-right” and far-right conservatives are beginning to believe they’re “the new counterculture.”

There are several reasons this idea simply isn’t true. Conservatives still dominate all three branches of government in the US, and they own their own media companies. That’s the very definition of the establishment. Conservatives are so worried about their values being compromised that they view themselves as social victims. In reality, they’re throwing temper tantrums because they’re not allowed to oppress the minority view anymore.

As more and more non-conservative groups gain traction toward equal rights and louder voices, conservatives cling to their values with all the tenacity of a toddler clinging to their blanket. The thing is, no one is really trying to take the blanket away. They’re just trying to find blankets of their own.

The other very simple reason conservatives are not the new counterculture is that there simply is no more mainstream culture anymore. The United States continues to be a vast melting pot of values, interests, points of view, and cultural unification. Our population is made up of people from all nations of the world, who bring their traditions and cultural variations with them. All variations of gender identity and sexual orientations are free to express themselves now. All varieties of religion are free to practice openly. Atheism is no longer shocking and taboo.

Art, music, film and literature have explored untouchable subjects. It’s no longer a whitewashed Christian American Dream. Every facet of the human condition is contained in our country, and there is no longer any room for a defined “American” culture.

American culture is, and should be, freedom to be one’s true self. Why would anyone want to be counter to that culture?

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