Is Facebook Affecting Your Health

// Published April 29, 2018 by User1

Ah, social media. We either love it or we hate it, but either way, it’s all encompassing in today’s life. Currently, and for roughly the past ten years, Facebook has been the largest, most popular social media platform currently available.
Facebook was launched in 2004, at that time however it was used strictly by college students. Less than two years after the site’s initial launch it had grown to six million users. It wasn’t until nearly the end of 2006 that Facebook became available to the general public; anybody thirteen or over was eligible to join. By 2008, the social media giant had one hundred million users. Shockingly, even ten years after the initial popularity explosion Facebook is still going strong, currently boasting 2.1 billion users.
What once started as an extremely simple way to communicate with friends and family that either lived down the street or across the country has slowly evolved into something much more complicated. The ease of sharing on Facebook, or any social media platform for that matter, is intoxicating. While some choose to only share a few, non-personal, tidbits from their lives, others have no qualms sharing their innermost personal details. All of this potential to overshare can lead to a lot of turbulence between friends or even total strangers.
Scrolling through one’s timeline, it’s impossible not to come across an item that holds somebody’s likely radical views about one thing or another, followed by at least one contrary comment, often times leading to an argument. It turns out that being subjected to another person’s drama on Facebook can actually take a toll on one’s well being by raising stress hormones in the brain. A study conducted by the University of Queensland has recently found that taking a break from Facebook, for even as short as a week can help to reduce the same stress hormone. While this study was limited to Facebook some researchers feel that the results are probably not limited to just this platform and can likely be applying to any social media.

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