Disney Release Yet Another Trailer For Solo

// Published April 30, 2018 by User1

To start, I’m not a super fan of Star Wars, but I’m not crazy, I can see the good and I can also understand the appeal. The best way I can describe it all, space nights and pirates…in space. Not too bad, right? Well, then Disney started coming out with these Star Wars Stories alongside main titles episodes like last years The Last Jedi. Before the most recent entry into the “side stories” that take us back to some of the most iconic points and characters within the Star Wars Universe you had Rogue One. With regard to this film, it was incredibly well done, but not one of my favorites, but I haven’t lost hope. I remain open to anything Disney is willing to throw at us and Solo: A Star Wars Story is no different, especially considering we have to wait another year or so before seeing Episode 9.

After watching the most recent trailer, I finally had the change to get another at what this film has to offer. Frankly, my interest is peaked. I get space-western vibes, which is something I wouldn’t expect from an Star Wars Film, but it seems to also hold on to what makes a Star Wars film a Star Wars film, so I will be catching it in theaters to see how things play out.

Also considering I never truly knew how I felt about Solo, I’m excited to see how much we end up learning about this rogue player come May 25th. After a lot of leaks concerning the direction that was initially appointed to spearhead the film, rumors that the lead playing Solo wasn’t up to par in his acting skills, and that the script might have been rewritten, I was worried.

Nevertheless, with the latest trailer, I’m not as worried as I once was.

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