Tattoo Acceptance

// Published May 4, 2018 by User1

Tattoos are becoming a more mainstream occurrence in our society as they gain popularity. However, tattoos still have a negative perception in the workplace even ones that have no connection to anything disconcerting. Tattoos were once usually reserved to people who joined the armed forces or people that lived a more unlawful lifestyle. It seems now people get tattoos for many other reasons and in a variety of places on the body. Most professional positions ask prospective employees to cover up their ink or will not consider them if they have any visible body modifications even if the applicant is qualified for the position. Depending on your future career plans a person may want to choose something appropriate for their life choices, possibly hiding tattoos on places that a t-shirt covers. Most people covered heavily by tattoos either already have an accepting workplace or is a self-contractor where there is no boss. Not being judged by appearance isn’t a luxury most people have, professions like police officers and nurses usually require tattoos to be covered up because it conveys a possible negative message to the public. The businesses that accept tattoos are progressive and are certainly ahead of the curve because many of the executives or business owners are retiring and the younger generations seem to not be as bothered by body art or have tattoos themselves. This changing of the guard will definitely change the landscape of employment in the near future. This allows access to many jobs in a professional field for many tattooed people that are interested in furthering their futures. It is now a waiting game to see what will become accepted and what isn’t in our views of what mainstream is.

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