The Movie Blockers Can Benefit The LGBT Community

// Published May 5, 2018 by User1

Movies normally give viewers insights into certain situations that may be of interest to many. They will depict circumstances, and the newer movies will take movie goers to modern day, or futuristic experiences. People can find answers to problems, or discover gentle ways to handle a crisis by watching a movie. Some people can gain strength to do something that they have procrastinated about. The new movie Blockers, is a modern day, coming of age movie that will serve as a beneficial agent to gays, and lesbians. The premises of the movie is three young girls who made a pact to lose their virginity on their prom night.

The parents somehow find out about the pact, and proceed to devise a plan to put a stop to it. Two of the parents are concerned with preserving the innocence of their daughters, and one parent is concerned that his daughter may develop a serious problem for herself if she has sex with a boy. His daughter happens to be gay, and he does not want her to follow the crowd trying to be something that she is not. This parent found out about his daughter being a lesbian some time ago, and he wants only the best for her. He does not want her to compromise herself in order to maintain her friendship with her two best friends, who have no idea that she is gay.

The movie portrays the lighter side of problems that some gay and lesbian people have in society today. It is usually very difficult for a teenager to come out to the people that they love, and are surrounded by every day. Once they realize that they may have some differences unique to themselves only, and not their friends, they become afraid that they will be shut off from friends and family.

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