Pat Miles Endorsed By LGBT Leader In Race For Michigan Attorney General

// Published May 6, 2018 by User1

The Executive Director of Equality Michigan, Stephanie White, has given her official stamp of approval to Pat Miles in his bid to become the next Attorney General for the state of Michigan.

White expressed that she was proud to support Miles’ campaign and said that he is the man that will perform the careful and methodical work that will be needed to assure that members of the LGBT community are treated equally.

White readily cites the record of LGBT support that Miles has already demonstrated as the source of her confidence in the AG hopeful. Miles publicly opposed the practice of conversion therapy in the state that many feels is unethical and also stood against Michigan Governor Rick Snyder’s appointment of an individual with anti-LGBT philosophies to a commision entrusted with championing the civil rights of Michigan residents.

White says that Miles has always been there for her community when needed and that she is certain that his support will not waiver once he is the state’s attorney general.

Miles said that he is humbled to receive the endorsement from White who is a leader in the advocacy for the rights of LGBT members in Michigan. Miles went on to express his desire to see all people treated equally under the law regardless of their choice of partners. Miles added that in his duties as Attorney General he would he would continue and increase his own advocacy for the LGBT community in Michigan and be the champion that Michigander deserves to provide them with the protection they need.

Miles has also received endorsements from a number of labor unions in the state as well as state Supreme Court Justice Dennis Archer. A host of other executives, politicians and former politicians have also pledged their support to the Pat Miles campaign.

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