OSI Group ‘s British Safety Council Award and Its Baho Group Acquisition

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There are news articles you can read today that are mostly waffle and have nothing but bad news for you. The news you sometimes always read, too, are full of odious negativity that contributes nothing to your growth, education, and self-expansion. However, we can also hear stories of recognition, victory and success that inspire us to do better and achieve things we thought could only be achievable in dreams. One of these positive news lately is about how OSI Group is transcending what it means to be a food company and how that is reflected on the award it just received from the British Safety Council.

The OSI Group Victory

In the article from Provisioner Online, we can read the full report on how the British Safety Council has conferred its complete trust on OSI as a brand that people should also support. The award was humbly presented at the luncheon held at the Drapers Hall in the City of London, which was last November 25, 2016. It is through this award that the OSI Group got the respect that it deserved and it was also the award that made it one of the 18 organizations right now that had been considered as today’s luminaries in the field of excellent food service. With this recognition, it is not then hard to understand how OSI Group can be considered one of America’s Top 100 Food Enterprise and Distribution Companies in the industry today.

The Baho Food Purchase

It almost appears now that OSI Group has a predilection to progress and successful expansion because another achievement it has recently reached is when it had purchased Baho Food, which is a Dutch manufacturer of convenience foods and other specialty food items in the retail and food service markets. While the financial matters were not disclosed, it’s not hard to imagine that the propitious settlement they had reached could mean more progress and job generation on the part of OSI. Without companies like OSI, we’d be hardpressed to find jobs for people in the United States who are not risk-taking enough to start businesses on their own.

Also, there are right now five subsidiaries in Baho Food, with processing plants established both in Netherlands and Germany. With all these companies all now under the umbrella of august operations of OSI, more can be expected from an already esteemed company. It is then good to know that OSI Group, through the award and acquisition, is still prioritizing excellence in an industry that is met with quality challenges.

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