Mike Pence Painted As Anti-Gay By Human Rights Campaign – It’s True, Though

// Published May 14, 2018 by User1

Mike Pence is best known as the current Vice President of the United States, picked up roughly five months before the 2016 presidential election by current President Donald Trump to be his running mate.

Both have conservative views, but only Pence has ever served in any political office before. As such, Pence has a detailed track record of voting against rights for LGBT individuals and couples alike.

Back in 2000, Pence said that “Congress should oppose any effort” to place LGBT marriages on the same legal and moral level of one-male, one-female marriages. That same year, he supported giving assistance to some people – not all, however – that was “looking to change their sexual behavior,” even though gay conversion does not work.

His views held true to 2014, if not through today, as he was in favor of Indiana state law proposal HJR-3, which would have banned gay and lesbian marriage in the state of Indiana.

In response to such views that are so integrally, inherently, and thoroughly against the welfare and equality of gay, lesbian, bisexual, and transsexual persons, LGBT rights group the Human Rights Campaign has already started to go all-out against the former Indiana Governor, doing so in the form of multiple videos across the Internet, a factual report, and a website that paints Pence and his views in a bad light – though the web page’s report is entirely factual.

All of the aforementioned content was published four days ago, on Thursday, April 19, 2018.

This protest against Mike Pence being fair to American people comes shortly before the Vice President is slated to stop across the United States to campaign for his own and Donald Trump’s 2020 reelection; he’s signed up to visit California, Indiana, North Carolina, and Wisconsin.

While everyone deserves to be treated equally, the content pushed out by the Human Rights Campaign smells strongly of a smear campaign, with sole intent just to gain support for Democrats, and slam Republicans. Can’t we all just get along, or at least argue with more politeness?

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