Welsh Child Poverty Slated To Go Through The Roof

// Published May 15, 2018 by User1

Legislature in Wales, Scotland, and England – so, really the entirety of the United Kingdom, with the exception of Northern Ireland, the fourth of four member states that the United Kingdom consists of – formally known as the Equality Act 2006 effectively founded the Equality and Human Rights Commission, an organization that has the goal of overseeing equality in the execution of laws and making sure that such laws don’t lead to discrimination.

Less than one week ago, the EHRC – Equality and Human Rights Commission – published research that estimated up to 50,000 additional impoverished children to those that are already living under the poverty line in April 2018 by January 2021. The worst thing? Those 50,000 potential additional children living in harshly low-income conditions only live in one of the U.K.’s four countries: Wales.

Huw Irranca-Davies, the Children’s Minister of the United Kingdom, warned the nation and other interested parties that those children and their respective families could soon be faced with “profound hardship,” trickling down to the lives of innocent children that simply got dealt a bad, largely undesirable hand in the game we call life.

2017’s legislative actions in the United Kingdom brought a brand-new two-child limit on the vast majority of living assistance benefits offered by the government, including credits on annual tax returns and the universal credit. This will result in Welsh family units with at least three children to face losing in excess of 900 British pounds per year.

Another sad piece of estimation to report is that – and capitalism is largely great for society – capitalism without socialistic government checks will inevitably result in private parties growing excessively large, effectively diminishing the collective wealth of their poor, low-income, impoverished counterparts. This phenomenon that comes hand-in-hand with the long-term exercise of capitalism will cause child poverty rates to rise by a whopping 11 percent in England alone.

Despite Welsh government officials aiming to eliminate child poverty by 2020, the government claimed a year ago that it couldn’t possibly meet those aims – looks like it’s still not happening.


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