North Carolina Values Coalition, A Conservative Activist Group, Plans Nationwide Protest In Opposition Of Sex Education In Schools

// Published May 16, 2018 by User1

Think for one moment – or two – what is the purpose of education?

To learn things one is interested in, useful skills that will pay off in life, better understand society, learn to think for one’s self, information that can help keep humanity safer, and so on. Right?

Maybe not.

The North Carolina Values Coalition has publicly encouraged parents across the Tar Heel State to not send their children to public schools on Monday, April 23, 2018, in an attempt to show obvious, glaring opposition for “graphic, gender-bending, promiscuity-promoting sex education” curriculum that is now taught throughout schools in North Carolina.

This message was published despite the fact that parents and guardians can simply write a letter to teachers of their children, or even talk to them in person, asking their students to be taken out of sex education classes.

Sexual reproduction is a hallmark of organisms here on planet Earth. Many organisms do it radically different than one another, though animals largely do it the same way. However, the vast majority of all sexual activity isn’t, in fact, in the name of reproduction, but rather for pleasure, at least in humans.

Since unsafe or inappropriate sex can result in unwanted pregnancies, sexually-transmitted disease and infections, broken relationships between friends and peers, and countless other issues, shouldn’t kids be taught about it so they don’t make those mistakes? In the name of reducing harm to future generations, and all?

Conservative activists working for the N.C. Values Coalition think not, made obvious by promoting parents to not send kids to school today as part of the appropriately-named “Sex Ed Sit Out” campaign.

The conservative advocacy group also wants parents to write letters to their students’ principals and explain their reasonings.

Sexual Health Initiatives for Teens NC – also known as SHIFT NC, a group that supports sex education in the name of harm reduction – shared that students will “miss a whole day of classes … when nobody knows if sex ed will be taught [on Monday].”

Oh, well.

Who cares about school anyway?

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