Woman Artificially Inseminated, 9 Months Later Told Her Lesbian Partner Can’t Be Placed On Birth Records

// Published May 17, 2018 by User1

LGBT populations have long had their rights restricted by governments around the world. Although planet Earth’s societies are far more progressive, forward-thinking, and accepting than ever before, some countries still don’t grant equal rights to lesbian, gay, bi, and trans people.

One topic of debate is that safe-sex couples might not be able to raise their kids as appropriately as traditional, heterosexual couples.

Italy maintains this point of view, as government officials responsible for things related to birth rights did not allow a lesbian couple to register a baby that was born to one of these females in both of their names.

While women obviously give birth by themselves, babies’ parents are typically recorded on birth certificates that demonstrate proof of birth and those births’ particular details – both the man and the woman’s name. It only makes sense, when not considering discrimination against gender or sexual orientation, that two mothers that give birth to a baby would have both of their names on that child’s birth certificate.

Turin officials say otherwise.

Chiara Foglietta was artificially inseminated with a donor’s sperm in Denmark roughly nine months ago. Ms. Foglietta likely went outside of Italy to have the procedure carried out, as the nation of Italy only allows heterosexual couples to sign up for artificial insemination of the female hoping to give birth to a child.

If – and it seems simple, on the surface, but it’s really not trivial or unimportant – Chiara Foglietta had shared to officials that baby Niccolo Pietro was born to a father and herself, rather than two women, the baby would have been registered in her mother’s name. However, Ms. Foglietta has chosen not to be oppressed, taking the long, hard route in an attempt to reach the destination of fair treatment.

According to the new mother, the public health office shared to her that if she declared a man was the father, the baby could be registered – it looks like Chiara is really sticking up for and staying true to her partner, Micaela Ghisleni.

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